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VoxSculpt: An Open-Source Voxel Library for Tomographic Volume Sculpting in Virtual Reality

  • Manual processing of tomographic data volumes, such as interactive image segmentation in medicine or paleontology, is considered a time-consuming and cumbersome endeavor. Immersive volume sculpting stands as a potential solution to improve its efficiency and intuitiveness. However, current open-source software solutions do not yield the required performance and functionalities. We address this issue by contributing a novel open-source game engine voxel library that supports real-time immersive volume sculpting. Our design leverages GPU instancing, parallel computing, and a chunk-based data structure to optimize collision detection and rendering. We have implemented features that enable fast voxel interaction and improve precision. Our benchmark evaluation indicates that our implementation offers a significant improvement over the state-of-the-art and can render and modify millions of visible voxels while maintaining stable performance for real-time interaction in virtual reality.
Author:Lucas Siqueira RodriguesORCiD, Felix Riehm, Stefan Zachow, Johann Habakuk Israel
Document Type:In Proceedings
Parent Title (English):2023 9th International Conference on Virtual Reality (ICVR), Xianyang, China, 2023
First Page:515
Last Page:523
Year of first publication:2023
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