Optimal duty rostering for toll enforcement inspectors

  • We present the problem of planning mobile tours of inspectors on German motorways to enforce the payment of the toll for heavy good trucks. This is a special type of vehicle routing problem with the objective to conduct as good inspections as possible on the complete network. In addition, we developed a personalized crew rostering model, to schedule the crews of the tours. The planning of daily tours and the rostering are combined in a novel integrated approach and formulated as a complex and large scale Integer Program. The main focus of this paper extends our previous publications on how different requirements for the rostering can be modeled in detail. The second focus is on a bi-criteria analysis of the planning problem to find the balance between the control quality and the roster acceptance. Finally, computational results on real-world instances show the practicability of our method and how different input parameters influence the problem complexity.
Author:Ralf Borndörfer, Guillaume Sagnol, Thomas Schlechte, Elmar Swarat
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):Annals of Operations Research
First Page:383
Last Page:406
Publisher:Springer US
Date of final exam:2017/05/01
Year of first publication:2016