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Hyperthermia Treatment Planning in Clinical Cancer Therapy: Modelling, Simulation and Visualization

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  • \noindent The speaker and his co-workers in Scientific Computing and Visualization have established a close cooperation with medical doctors at the Rudolf--Virchow--Klinikum of the Humboldt University in Berlin on the topic of regional hyperthermia. In order to permit a patient--specific treatment planning, a special software system ({\sf\small HyperPlan}) has been developed. \noindent A mathematical model of the clinical system ({\it radio frequency applicator with 8 antennas, water bolus, individual patient body}) involves Maxwell's equations in inhomogeneous media and a so--called bio--heat transfer PDE describing the temperature distribution in the human body. The electromagnetic field and the thermal phenomena need to be computed at a speed suitable for the clinical environment. An individual geometric patient model is generated as a quite complicated tetrahedral ``coarse'' grid (several thousands of nodes). Both Maxwell's equations and the bio--heat transfer equation are solved on that 3D--grid by means of {\em adaptive} multilevel finite element methods, which automatically refine the grid where necessary in view of the required accuracy. Finally optimal antenna parameters for the applicator are determined . \noindent All steps of the planning process are supported by powerful visualization methods. Medical images, contours, grids, simulated electromagnetic fields and temperature distributions can be displayed in combination. A number of new algorithms and techniques had to be developed and implemented. Special emphasis has been put on advanced 3D interaction methods and user interface issues.

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Author:Peter Deuflhard, Martin Seebass, Detlev Stalling, Rudolf Beck, Hans-Christian HegeORCiDGND
Document Type:ZIB-Report
Date of first Publication:1997/06/19
Series (Serial Number):ZIB-Report (SC-97-26)
Published in:Appeared in: Proc. of the 15th IMACS World Congress 1997 on Scientific Compuation: Modelling and Applied Mathematics. A. Sydow (ed.) Wissenschaft und Technik Verlag, 1997, Vol. 3, pp. 9-17
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