Power quality evaluation for observatories

  • Within the project SLOBATCO the question did arise, to what extend observatories have to rely on adequate power quality, e.g. the perfect sinusoidal shape of supply voltage and current, in order to ensure safe operation and accurate measurement results. International power quality standards are put in perspective with requirement specifications. Telescope operators indicate partial or total loss of function of measurement instruments. Measurements conducted during SLOBATCO project substantiate the need for power quality measurement campaigns.
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Author:Michael MannORCiD, Thorsten DöhringORCiD, Theodor Pribulla, Richard Komzik, Peter Sivanic, Manfred StollenwerkORCiD
Editor:Augustin Skopal
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Year of Completion:2019
Date of first Publication:2019/05/20
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Tag:instrumentation; site testing; telescope
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