The Imbalance Amid Social Upheavals – A Reconsideration of >Small Town Freaks< from the Perspective of Fromm’s Theory of Alienation [社会巨变下的失衡——弗洛姆异化理论视角下再读《小城畸人》] [application of Fromm's theories to art]

  • 从弗洛姆的异化理论出发,结合社会历史语境,对《小城畸人》进行再解读,发掘小说背后潜藏的社会文化因素。论文主张,有必要将安德森在小说中塑造的畸人形象,视为20世纪初美国社会压抑绝望的生存状态的一个缩影。具体而言,经济上,工业化造成了个体物欲的膨胀和生存价值的消失;政治上,资本主义的壮大使社会等级分化和阶级压迫日益严重;意识形态上,物质主义和个人主义的肆虐导致信仰缺失,人际关系疏离。社会陷入普遍焦躁不安的情绪,这些因素则共同造就了孤立无助的边缘化畸人。小说反映了对现实的无奈和对过去的缅怀,对现代社会发展极具参考价值与警示作用,值得我们进行更深入的思考和探究。
  • The thesis is based on Fromm's theory of alienation and the socio-historical context to reinterpret >Small Town Freaks< and to discover the underlying socio-cultural factors behind the novel. The thesis argues that it is necessary to see Anderson's portrayal of the freaks in the novel as a microcosm of the repressed and desperate state of existence in early twentieth-century American society. Specifically, economically, industrialization caused the expansion of individual materialistic desires and the disappearance of survival values; politically, the growth of capitalism led to increasing social stratification and class oppression; ideologically, the rampant materialism and individualism led to the loss of faith and the alienation of interpersonal relationships. A general feeling of anxiety and anxiety in society has created isolated and marginalized people. The novel reflects a sense of helplessness and remembrance of the past, and is a great reference and warning for the development of modern society, worthy of deeper reflection and exploration. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Yihan Zheng, Tao Qi
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of Huainan Normal University [淮南师范学院学报], No. 3 (2020), pp. 81-85, 112.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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