>The Love between Parents and Children< Classroom Record [《父母与孩子之间的爱》课堂实录]

  • 时间:2009年4月9日学生:上海市南汇中学高三化学班师:今天我们讲《父母与孩子之间的爱》,课前我已经请大家将文章再看一遍(板书题目),把自己的摘要预习作业再修改一下。这篇文章的作者是谁?生:弗罗姆。(板书)师:是一个什么样的人?生:哲学家。师:这是文章的基本信息。下面我们来交流预习作业。谁先来把你的预习作业(说明:200字 …
  • Time: 2009, April 9. Students: Shanghai Nanhui Middle School Senior Chemistry Class Division: Today we are talking about >The love between parents and children<, before class I have asked you to read the article again (the title of the board) and revise your summary pre-work. Who is the author of this article? Student: Fromm. (Blackboard.) Teacher: What kind of person is he? Student: Philosopher. Teacher: This is the basic information of the article. Let's share our pre-study homework. Who will be the first to put your pre-study homework (Instructions: 200 words) … [Translation: www.DeepL/Translator, free version, 9/2021]

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Author:Guihua Zheng
Parent Title (Chinese):Chinese Language Learning [语文学习], No Z1 (2009), pp. 103-107.
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Year of first Publication:2009
Release Date:2022/05/04
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