Art without Disenchantment – Zhang Jin as a Possibility [不祛魅的艺术——张晋作为一种可能] [application of Fromm's theories of art]

  • 现代艺术在本质上是一次语言革命,即现代性启蒙以来人的经验能力、认知层次、思维方式以及最终的存在状态都赖于最后的语言所呈现出来的样态。因为现代性开启了真正意义上的>荒诞存在<,从尼采的>上帝已死<所开启的>重新估价一切<到罗兰·巴特的>作者已经死去<直至弗洛姆喊出>人死了<,几乎已经把整个世界降到了呼吸的最低>零度<,所谓>诗到语言为止<即对整个现代性启蒙的>意义<的>萃取<,当然也同时拉紧了文学艺术最无奈的下限。在语言进取的革命线路上,观念、媒 …
  • Modern art is essentially a linguistic revolution, in the sense that the capacity for experience, the level of cognition, the way of thinking and ultimately the state of being that has existed since the enlightenment of modernity depends on the final form of language. From Nietzsche's >God is dead< to Roland Barthes' >The author is dead< to Fromm's >Man is dead< the world has almost been reduced to the lowest >zero degree< of breathing. It is, of course, at the same time the most helpless lower limit of literary art. In the revolutionary line of linguistic progress, ideas, media … [Automatic translation]

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Author:Chengshuai Zhao
Parent Title (Chinese):Chinese Oil Painting [中国油画], No. 2 (2020), pp. 37-42.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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