On Fromm's View of Existence [论弗洛姆的生存观]

  • 埃里希·弗洛姆是著名的德裔美籍心理学家、精神分析学家、哲学家。他综合了弗洛伊德和马克思的思想,提出了>人本主义精神分析<学说。人的生存和幸福问题是弗洛姆最关心的社会问题,也是他所要解决的核心问题。他所创立的关于人的生存方式理论的目的是为了解决当代人所面临的生存困境问题。当代中国正在深入推进现代化建设的同时我们传统的生活方式在不断地遭到冲击,人们的消费观念也发生了严重异化。如何在推进现代化的过程中既不丢失原有的传统优良方式,同时还能避免异化的消费引起的不良后果?仔细研究弗洛姆重生存的生活方式理论对此具有非常大的现实参考意义和指导价值。
  • Erich Fromm was a famous German-American psychologist, psychoanalyst and philosopher. He synthesized the ideas of Freud and Marx and developed the doctrine of >humanistic psychoanalysis<. The question of human existence and well-being was Fromm's main concern and the central issue he sought to address. His theory of human existence is aimed at solving the dilemma faced by contemporary people. While modernization is underway in contemporary China, our traditional way of life is constantly under attack, and people's concept of consumption has been seriously alienated. How can we promote modernization without losing our traditional way of life and at the same time avoid the negative consequences of alienated consumption? A closer look at Fromm's lifestyle theory of survival is of great practical relevance and guidance. [Automatic translation]

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Author:He Yuan
Parent Title (Chinese):Modern and Ancient Culture [今古文创], No. 16 (2020), pp. 45-46.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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