Deep Analysis of Authoritarianism: Fromm’s Critical Diagnosis of >Religion-Alienation< [权威主义的深层透视:弗洛姆对>宗教 异化<的批判诊断]

  • 法兰克福学派哲学家弗洛姆从社会心理学的视角切入,以>社会—心理—存在本体论<结构下的独特人性论为基础,在>应然—异化—健全<的理论逻辑框架下将宗教辩证地区分为权威主义的与人本主义的。>权威主义宗教<是>宗教异化<的必然结果,它使人否定其生命的力量而将之投射于外在强力,在逃避自由的救赎等待中体验受虐快感,其本质是人在权威偶像崇拜中丧失主体地位而感到与自我疏离的精神异化状态。通过对>宗教异化<的逻辑起点、病症表现及病理因由的诊断剖析,弗洛姆掌握了>权威主义宗教<的生成机制与运行机理,完成了对>异化宗教<的三维批判。弗洛姆对权威主义一概而论的激进否定展现了其思想中的偏激色彩,其理论缺陷的根源在于人性悬设下的科学历史观缺失。
  • From the perspective of social psychology, Fromm, a philosopher of Frankfurt School, based on the unique theory of human nature under the structure of >society-psychology-existence<, divided religion into authoritarianism and humanism dialectically under the theoretical logic framework of >expectation-alienation-perfection<. >Authoritarian religion< is the inevitable result of >religious alienation<, which makes people deny the power of their life and project it to external force, experiencing the masochistic pleasure of being abused in the process of escaping from the redemption of freedom. Its essence is the spiritual alienation in which people feel alienated from themselves when they lose their subjective status in idolatry worship. Through analyzing the logic start, symptoms and pathogenesis of >religion-alienation<, Fromm mastered the forming mechanism and operational mechanism of >authoritarian religion<, and completed three-dimensional critic to alienated religion. Fromm’s radical negation of authoritarianism shows the extreme color in his thoughts and his theoretical defect lies in the lack of scientific historical view suspended by human nature. [Author's translation]

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Author:Zhijia Xu, Yanjun Jiang
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of Huqiao University (Philosophy & Social Sciences) [华侨大学学报(哲学社会科学版)], No. 3 (2020), pp. 17-27.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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