The Alienation and Salvation of the Intimate Space in Larkin’s Urban Poems [拉金城市诗歌中亲密空间的异化与救赎] [application of Fromm's theories to art]

  • 英国运动派诗人领袖菲利普·拉金创作了大量亲密空间诗歌,揭示了城市中亲密空间在物质和精神层面的异化现象。物质层面异化是由于城市空间扩张、条块分割和不断加剧的流动性;精神层面异化原因是商业化和个体化。依据马克思和弗洛姆对异化的论述,从拉金的创作中也可窥见抗衡异化的救赎之路:缩短与自然的心理距离、调整城市人际距离、充分认识个体的内在性,用人化的自然、富有意义的亲密关系、创造性劳动等,最终通过这些精神层面的努力削弱异化力量的影响,实现对亲密空间的救赎。
  • Larkin, the leading poet of the English Movement, created a great many poems concerning intimate space, and revealed a common phenomenon that intimate space in the city has undergone material and spiritual alienation. The former is caused mainly by urban spatial expansion and partition, as well as the consequential mobility in the city, the latter, by commercialization and individualization. But inspired by Marx’s and Fromm’s theories on alienation, we can see from Larkin’s creation the way to salvation: shortening the psychological distance between man and nature, adjusting the interpersonal distances in the city, and making full use of the internality of the self. A humanized nature, meaningful relationship and creative work, as the result of spiritual efforts, may ultimately weaken the influence of alienation, leading to the salvation of intimate space. [Translation:, 7/2021]

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Author:Yanfei Wu
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of Ningbo University (Liberal Arts Edition) [宁波大学学报(人文科学版)], No. 4 (2021), pp. 84-90.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2021
Release Date:2022/05/04
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