Study on Common Points of Western Scholars' Understanding of the >Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844< [西方学者理解《1844年经济学哲学手稿》的共同点研究]

  • 西方学者对《1844年经济学哲学手稿》(以下简称《手稿》)的理解具有深刻的人本主义性质。马尔库塞认为《手稿》中马克思扬弃私有财产的终极目标,是想要革命化资本主义世界,不仅仅是因为成问题的经济事实,更是因为人的存在的现实;弗洛姆认为,《手稿》中马克思对资本主义进行批判绝非针对收入分配,不是想让工人阶级获得资本家的财富,而是针对它毁灭人性;列斐伏尔研究《手稿》后指出,不能对马克思做纯粹的客观主义理解,更不能离开人、脱离人的活动探讨与人无关的物质自然,他的自然生存论中潜在地暗含着关于人的生存本性的理解。他们都突出了《手稿》关于人之存在本体论的哲学要义,继承并捍卫了马克思主义的人本主义理论传统。
  • Western scholars' understanding of the >Philosophic and Economic Manuscripts of 1844< (hereafter referred to as the Manuscript) is profoundly humanistic in nature. Marcuse argues that Marx's ultimate goal of abandoning private property in the Manuscript is to revolutionize the capitalist world, not only because of problematic economic facts, but also because of the reality of human existence; Fromm argues that Marx's critique of capitalism in the Manuscript is in no way directed at the distribution of income, not at the working class' access to the capitalists' wealth, but at its destruction of human nature; and Lefebvre after the study of the Manuscripts pointed out that Marx could not be understood in a purely objectivist way, let alone apart from human beings and their activities, and that an understanding of the nature of human existence was potentially implicit in his theory of natural survival. They both highlight the philosophical essence of the Manuscript's ontology of human existence, and inherit and defend the Marxist tradition of humanistic theory. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Shaowen Wang
Parent Title (Chinese):Legality Vision [法制博览], No. 16 (2020), pp. 237-238.
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Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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