A New Probe into Fromm's Moral View [弗洛姆的道德观新探]

  • 道德建设是人类精神文明的基础,是一个国家繁荣和兴旺的必由之路。著名的精神分析学家弗洛姆从精神分析方面,展开道德的论述。就人性善恶的问题,弗洛姆更加肯定人理性的能力,认为人们可以通过自己的良善来抑制内心的罪恶,最重要的是要给良善的发展空间,反之,如果人们的良善被遏制,那么他的破坏力就会被激发出来。他指出现代的人之所以困惑、社会之所以会出现各种各样的问题,是因为人类不能真正的认清自我,逃不出>二律背反<的困境,从而不能做一个真正有道德的人。弗洛姆把精神分析层面的东西应用到伦理学当中,对人的本性进行更深层次地剖析,让我们进一步理解和认识自己和人类的道德问题。让我们不要逃避,要努力做一个有道德的人,共同构建一个有道德的社会。
  • Moral construction is the foundation of human spiritual civilization and the only way for a country to prosper and prosper. Fromm, a famous psychoanalyst, launched a moral discussion from the perspective of psychoanalysis. Regarding the good and evil of human nature, Fromm is more affirming the ability of human reason, thinking that people can suppress their inner sins through their own goodness, and the most important thing is to give room for the development of goodness. On the contrary, if people's goodness, if it is contained, then his destructive power will be stimulated. He pointed out that the reason why modern people are confused and the society will have various problems is because human beings cannot truly understand themselves and cannot escape the dilemma of >antinomy<, and thus cannot be a truly moral person. Fromm applied psychoanalysis to ethics to analyze human nature in a deeper level, allowing us to further understand and understand our own and human moral issues. Let us not escape, and strive to be a moral person and jointly build a moral society. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Qianwen Song
Parent Title (Chinese):China Book Review [中国图书评论], No. 4 (1988), pp. 148-153.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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