On the Alienation and Return of Human Nature in >Desire Under the Elms< [《榆树下的欲望》中人性异化与回归的研究] [application of Fromm's theories to art]

  • 尤金·奥尼尔(1888-1953)是美国戏剧的奠基人,被称为>美国戏剧之父<。他的代表作《榆树下的欲望》(1924)受到希腊神话的启发,自出版以来便在世界各地受到广泛关注,并被多次搬上荧幕。这部戏剧生动地描述了人们对物质和爱欲的渴望和迷恋,揭示出人类内心世界的异化。从人性的角度出发,运用艾希里·弗洛姆提出的人性异化理论为指导,从异化的宗教信仰和人际关系两个方面来揭示戏剧中人性的异化,旨在探索以物质为主导的世界中人性的扭曲、爱情的变异和亲情的淡漠。此外,通过给予、爱、关怀、理解、知识和责任,剧中男女主人公的人性回归,让读者看到一线希望与光明,感受到奥尼尔对人类的深切关怀。
  • Eugene O'Neill (1888-1953) is the founder of American theatre and is known as the >father of American drama<. His masterpiece, >Desire Under the Elms< (1924), inspired by Greek mythology, has received widespread attention around the world since its publication and has been brought to the screen many times. The play is a vivid depiction of people's desire and obsession with materialism and love, and reveals the alienation of the human heart. From the perspective of human nature and using the theory of human alienation proposed by Erich Fromm as a guide, the play reveals the alienation of human nature in the drama from two aspects: alienated religious beliefs and interpersonal relationships, aiming to explore the distortion of human nature, the mutation of love and the indifference of affection in a material-oriented world. In addition, through giving, love, care, understanding, knowledge and responsibility, the play's hero and heroine return to their humanity, giving the reader a glimpse of hope and light and a sense of O'Neill's deep concern for humanity. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Nan Li
Parent Title (Chinese):Home Drama [戏剧之家], No. 3 (2021), pp. 48-49.
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Year of first Publication:2021
Release Date:2022/05/04
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