On Fromm's Theory of Human Situation [弗洛姆论人的处境学说探析]

  • 本文解析了弗洛姆现代人(产业革命以后的欧洲和美国人)的矛盾内涵,叙述了现代人的两难选择:人在获得绝对自由的同时,拉大了人与人之间的联系,加大了社会关系的隔阂,由此个人陷入无止境的孤立无援感。探析弗洛姆使现代人通往幸福的路径,以促成人的全面发展:心理健康与发展,在适应的基础上去改变现有的社会环境,以保持人具有更好的心理健康;爱己与爱人,提倡人本伦理,共同创造和谐发展的社会;规避与保持个性;爱与创造,使个人与自然达到结合的创造性活动;理想与改革,除了依赖于个人行为之外,还需要通过对社会进行改革。
  • This article analyzes the contradictory connotation of Fromm's modern people (Europe and Americans after the Industrial Revolution), and narrates the dilemma of modern people: while gaining absolute freedom, people expand their relationship The connection between them has increased the gap of social relations, and thus the individual has fallen into an endless sense of isolation and helplessness. Explore Fromm's path to lead modern people to happiness in order to promote the overall development of adults: mental health and development, change the existing social environment on the basis of adaptation, to maintain people's better mental health; love yourself and love people, promote humanistic ethics, and jointly create a harmoniously developing society; avoid and maintain individuality; love and creation, creative activities that combine individuals and nature; ideals and reforms, in addition to relying on individual behavior, also need Reform. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Lanlan Li
Parent Title (Chinese):New West [新西部], No. 9 (2020), pp. 106-107.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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