>Psychoanalysis is Nothing but an Exaggeration< – Freud and the Frankfurt School [>精神分析只不过是夸大其辞<——弗洛伊德与法兰克福学派]

  • 法兰克福学派不断尝试着丰富对现代社会的批判,这主要建立在这样的基础上——借鉴精神分析的观念,对那种名为>批判理论<的马克思主义,进行一种想象性重读。尽管恩里希·弗洛姆、马克斯·霍克海默、赫伯特·马尔库塞和西奥多·阿多诺的具体看法不同,但他们都支持对马克思和弗洛伊德进行创造性整合。法兰克福学派尤其爱用弗洛伊德的理论阐释如下事实——工人阶级的假想革命任务的失败,未曾预期的法西斯主义的兴起和构想乌托邦种种可能的形式。除此之外,阿多诺的作品更明显地利用了精神分析的唯物主义冲动,去反对在唯心主义传统中的意识哲学。
  • Over its long history, the Frankfurt School attempted to enrich its critique of modern society, largely rooted in the imaginative re-reading of the Marxist tradition that became known as Critical Theory, by drawing on insights from psychoanalysis. Although the specific insights informing the work of Erich Fromm, Max Horkheimer, Herbert Marcuse and Theodor W. Adorno may have been different, all supported the productive integration of Marx and Freud. In particular, the Frankfurt School used Freudian theory to explain the failure of the working class to assume its putative revolutionary mission, the unexpected rise of fascism, and the possible ways in which utopia might be envisaged. In addition, most explicitly in the work of Adorno, they pitted the materialist impulses of psychoanalysis against the consciousness philosophy they identified with the Idealist tradition. [Author's translation]

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Author:Martin Jay, Hongming Geng
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of Guangzhou University (Social Science Edition) [广州大学学报(社会科学版)], No. 6 (2020), pp. 34-46.
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Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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