From Group Madness to Joint Resistance: Analysis of Group Psychology in >La Peste< [从群体癫狂到共同反抗——《鼠疫》中的群体心理分析] [application of Fromm's theories to art]

  • 荒诞与反抗是加缪作品的两个关键词,《鼠疫》突出反映了加缪的反抗思想。在这部寓言式的作品中,鼠疫是法西斯的象征,也是二战时期人类生存境况荒诞性的集中体现。面对这一荒诞的生存环境,奥兰城出现的集体恐慌、谣言蔓延、迷信宗教、盲从权威等现象都是对当地居民群体心理的具体刻画。从弗洛姆《逃避自由》中的群体心理理论出发,围绕>机械趋同<和>盲从权威<两个维度,结合勒庞《乌合之众》中相关群体心理学理论,剖析《鼠疫》中的群体心理及其具体特征,揭示出反抗是对抗荒诞世界的唯一出路,探究该作品对当代社会的启发和价值:唯有从人道主义出发,坚持诚实理性、自由独立,人类才能在荒诞的境况中实现自我救赎。
  • Absurdity and resistance are two key words in Camus' works, and >La Peste< prominently reflects Camus' idea of resistance. In this allegorical work, the bubonic plague is a symbol of fascism and a concentrated expression of the absurdity of human existence during World War II. In the face of this absurd living environment, the collective panic, the spread of rumors, the superstitious religion and the blind obedience to authority in Oran are all concrete portrayals of the psychology of the local residents. Based on the group psychology theory in Fromm's >Escape from Freedom<, the two dimensions of >mechanical conformity< and >blind obedience to authority<, and the group psychology theory in Le Bon's >Psychologie des foules<, we analyze the group psychology and its specific characteristics in >La Peste<, revealing that resistance is the only way to confront the dystopian world, and exploring the inspiration and value of this work for contemporary society: Only by starting from humanism, insisting on honesty, rationality, freedom and independence can human beings achieve self-redemption in the dystopian situation. [Translation: www.DeepL/Translator, free version, 6/2021]

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Author:Ruike Han
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of Shaoxing University (Humanities and Social Sciences) [绍兴文理学院学报(人文社会科学)], No. 3 (2021), pp. 50-56.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2021
Release Date:2022/05/04
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