>The Art of Loving<: Implications for Contemporary Women's Existence [《爱的艺术》对当代女性生存启示]

  • 人的生存包容着女性的生存,女性作为人的生存是自然生存、精神生存与社会生存的有机统一。《爱的艺术》中弗洛姆提倡的>创造性人格<、>给予观<是基于人的生存所提出的理论,因此对当代女性面临的刻板印象、性别歧视等问题产生了重要的启示意义。研究表明:1)女性需正视自身多样化的情感倾向和行为选择。2)女性自尊感需来源于>给予<和>创造<的行为,而非某一特定角色。3)重塑女性行为价值,给予家庭责任、家庭活动与社会责任、社会活动以平等的价值评价,有利于从根源上解决女性生存困境。
  • Human existence embraces women's existence, and women's existence as human beings is the organic unity of natural, spiritual and social existence. The >creative personality< and >giving concept< advocated by Fromm in >The Art of Loving< are theories based on human existence, and therefore have important implications for the stereotypes and gender discrimination faced by contemporary women. Research shows that: 1) women need to face up to their diverse emotional tendencies and behavioral choices; 2) women's self-esteem needs to come from the act of >giving< and >creating< rather than a specific role; 3) reshaping the value of women's behavior, giving equal value to family responsibilities, family activities and social responsibilities, and social activities, can help solve the root of women's survival dilemma. . [Translation: www.DeepL/Translator, free version, 5/2021]

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Author:Lina Gu
Parent Title (Chinese):Literary Artist [青年文学家], No. 5 (20215), pp. 129-130.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2021
Release Date:2022/05/04
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