Fromm's Theory of Consumption Alienation and Its Practical Relevance [弗洛姆的消费异化理论及其现实启示]

  • 弗洛姆的消费异化理论及其现实启示消费异化理论是弗洛姆思想的重要组成部分,他在《健全的社会》一书中,利用大量篇幅阐述了消费异化理论。在弗洛姆看来,消费欲望已经远远超出了人们真实的需要,人们已经分不清真实需要与虚假需要,人们追求的不再是商品的使用价值,而是对欲望的满足,对虚假需要的满足。弗洛姆创造性地将马克思主义和弗洛伊德的精神分析学说结合起来运用于对消费异化的分析。弗洛姆的消费异化理论有着深刻的现实意义,对于改善我国现实中的消费问题具有重要的借鉴意义。
  • The theory of consumer alienation is an important part of Fromm's thought, and he used a lot of space to expound the theory of consumer alienation in his book >The Sane Society<. In Fromm's view, the desire for consumption has far exceeded people's real needs, and people can no longer distinguish between real needs and false needs, and what people pursue is no longer the use value of goods, but the satisfaction of desires and false needs. Fromm creatively combines Marxism and Freud's psychoanalysis in the analysis of consumer alienation. Fromm's theory of consumer alienation has profound practical significance, and is of great significance for improving the consumption problem in China. [Translation: www.DeepL/Translator, free version, 5/2021]

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Author:Siqi Chen
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of Tasting the Classics [品位·经典], No. 6 (2021), pp. 35-38.
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Year of first Publication:2021
Release Date:2022/05/04
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