Two Liberty Ways: >Mental Revolution< and >Social Revolution< – On Marx’s and Fromm's Freedom Thought [两种自由之路:>心理革命<与>社会革命<——评马克思与弗洛姆的自由思想]

  • 弗洛姆从微观的人的心理结构和性格结构入手,希望通过人心理的感觉和感受,通过个人自发的爱和劳动,建立一个健全的社会,实现人心灵的自由。可以称之为>心理革命<的自由之路。马克思站在历史全局的高度,从全人类的自由出发,分析宏观的社会制度和政治经济,希望通过社会实践推动社会制度的更替,推翻资本主义不合理的生产关系和社会关系,建立生产高度发达,人类自由全面发展的共产主义社会。可以称之为>社会革命<的自由之路。两种自由之路要在理论上将其划界,不可通约,在划界的基础上建构适应当代中国实践的自由观。show moreshow less
  • Fromm from the microscopic structure of the human mind and personality structure from the start,Fromm from the microscopic structure of the human mind and personality structure from the start, through the psychological feeling of hope and feelings of self-love and personal labor to build a healthy society, freedom for his mind. It can be called >mental revolution< freedom. Marx standing history overall height, from the freedom of all mankind, the analysis of social and political macro-economic, hopes to promote the replacement of the social system through social practice, the overthrow of the capitalist relations of production and irrational social relations, to establish a highly developed production, human free and comprehensive development of communist society. It can be called >social revolution< in freedom. Two Liberty Way, in theory, should be demarcation, income-mensurable, Culture and the Contemporary Chinese concept of freedom in practice on the basis of demarcation. [Automatic translation]show moreshow less

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Author:Jianbo Zhao
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of Tianshui College of Administration [天水行政学院学报], No. 1 (2016), pp. 73-76.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2016
Release Date:2016/09/29
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