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エネルギー供給システムの設計および運用の階層的関係を考慮した最適化 (k-メドイド法に基づく期間クラスタリングの適用)

Optimization of Energy Supply Systems in Consideration of Hierachical Relationship Between Design and Operation (Application of Time-Period Clustering Based on k-Medoids Method)

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  • To attain the highest performance of energy supply systems, it is necessary to determine design specifications optimally in consideration of operational strategies corresponding to seasonal and hourly variations in energy demands. A hierarchical mixed-integer linear programming method has been proposed to solve such an optimal design problem efficiently. In this paper, a method of reducing model by clustering periods with the k-medoids method is applied to the relaxed optimal design problem at the upper level. Through a case study, it is clarified how the proposed method is effective to enhance the computation efficiency in a large scale optimal design problem.

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Author:Kotaro Takeuchi, Ryohei Yokoyama, Yuji Shinano, Tetsuya Wakui
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (Japanese):日本機械学会関西支部第95期定時総会講演会講演論文集
First Page:1
Last Page:4
Year of first publication:2020
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