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Transactional DHT Algorithms

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  • We present a framework for transactional data access on data stored in a DHT. It allows to atomically read and write items and to run distributed transactions consisting of a sequence of read and write operations on the items. Items are symmetrically replicated in order to achieve durability of data stored in the SON. To provide availability of items despite the unavailability of some replicas, operations on items are quorum-based. They make progress as long as a majority of replicas can be accessed. Our framework processes transactions optimistically with an atomic commit protocol that is based on Paxos atomic commit. We present algorithms for the whole framework with an event based notation. Additionally we discuss the problem of lookup inconsistencies and its implications on the one-copy serializability property of the transaction processing in our framework.

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Author:Monika Moser, Seif Haridi, Tallat Shafaat, Thorsten SchüttORCiD, Mikael Högqvist, Alexander Reinefeld
Document Type:ZIB-Report
Tag:Algorithms; DHT; Distributed System; Paxos; Storage
Date of first Publication:2009/10/27
Series (Serial Number):ZIB-Report (09-34)
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