Can I publish preprints and postprints of essays on the publications server?

The publication of preprints and postprints of your essays is highly desirable, and usually legally possible. Publishers often allow open access publication of preprints and postprints on university servers after expiry of a specific period. You don't have to wait until the exclusivity period is finished before registering your title! You are welcome to upload your document immediately – we will automatically publish it only once it is legally permissible. This is the reason for the field "Date of online publication" in the publication form. Please enter here the earliest date on which your text may be published on the publications server at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences. If your text has not yet appeared elsewhere, please enter today's date.

Detailed information on these exclusivity periods is usually found in the publishing contract which you signed before the publication. If you do not know or cannot determine the exclusivity period, you can check on the SHERPA/RoMEO list SHERPA/ROMEO-List which exclusivity period is typically applicable to articles published by the relevant publisher.