Publication Server of the Technical University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim

The online publications service at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences offers all those affiliated with Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences the organisational and technical support required for quick and easy electronic publication of scientific documents.

It is possible to publish the documents as a full text or to just list the bibliographic data of the publications for documentation purposes (= title registration).

Theses written by students are hosted on a separate online publications server at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences library. On the recommendation of the project leader and the respective student's supervisor, final theses or project papers, which are written in the course of a research and development project run at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, can be hosted on the publications server.

Teaching materials and lecture scripts are not be stored here.

After publication, the texts are available worldwide on the Internet and will be archived permanently by the library. The documents are indexed and made accessible in library catalogues and Web search engines.

If you want to search for documents of the university, please choose the menu "Search" where you will find several search options. If you want to publish a document, please select the menu "Publish"; here you can submit your document to the publication server in just a few steps.