1 Goals and contents criteria for OPUS – Rosenheim TUAS

The online publications service at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) offers all those affiliated with Rosenheim TUAS the organisational and technical support required for quick and easy electronic publication of scientific documents.

It is possible to publish the documents as a full text or to just list the bibliographic data of the publications for documentation purposes (= title registration).
Published data and documents are usually openly accessible without restriction and cannot be changed.

Theses written by students are hosted on a separate online publications server at the Rosenheim TUAS library. On the recommendation of the project leader and the respective student's supervisor, final theses or project papers, which are written in the course of a research and development project run at Rosenheim TUAS, can be hosted on the publications server.

Teaching materials and lecture scripts are not be stored here.

Within the framework of the service offering, scientific documents will be published on the internet, subject to the relevant quality standards. With its service, Rosenheim TUAS supports global free access to scientific information, based on the principle of open access.

The electronic documents contain permanent, citable "persistent identifiers" in the form of URN addresses. At the same time, the documents are recorded at the German National Library (DNB), thereby fulfilling the registration obligations for published documents (online or print) related to the DNB. Last but not least, the long-term archiving of the electronic documents is guaranteed.

2 Legal framework

In case of a full text registration the author grants the operator of the publications server the following usage rights:

  • the permanent right to electronic storage, in particular in databases,

  • the simple permanent usage right (§ 31 Par. 2 German Copyright Act) to provide public access via international data networks in accordance with § 19a German Copyright Act,

  • the permanent right to to convert the document for the purposes of long-term archiving and/or visualisation, while retaining the integrity of the contents (the original archiving is retained),

  • the right to modify and/or complete the metadata provided by the author and/or publisher, where necessary,

  • the right to make the metadata publicly available and usable without restrictions,

  • the right to forward the document and its related metadata to the German National Library, as well as additional specialist or regional document servers, with the same above-mentioned rights.

It is recommended that the authors use the Creative Commons Licence.

The authors and the publishers are solely responsible for the contents of the documents. The Rosenheim TUAS accepts no liability for the contents of the publications provided and the linked external websites. The author and publisher guarantee that the document does not contravene any laws or official regulations, or infringe on any rights of third parties.

The author and publisher undertake to resolve the copyright and usage rights of third parties, and/or to obtain their consent. If the author or publisher are notified of the existence or onset of legal obstacles, they undertake to inform Rosenheim TUAS immediately.

By publishing on the publications server at Rosenheim TUAS, the intellectual property rights of authors are fully protected, as Rosenheim TUAS is only granted simple usage rights. Therefore, publishing on the publications server is no obstacle to further publication of the documents in specialist journals or monographs, as well as on other servers.

In terms of the recommendations of the scientific council, all scientists at Rosenheim TUAS are advised to secure appropriate further usage rights when concluding contracts with publishers, and to also make the documents they have written publicly available, based on the principle of open access – possibly after a period of exclusivity. By now, many publishers allow self-archiving in institutional repositories or on the author's homepage, but this is often subject to a period of exclusivity between the first publication by the publisher and the subsequent open access publication via the internet. The self-archiving policies of the publishers are detailed on the SHERPA/ROMEO List. Please contact your publisher if you have further questions.

No compensation will be paid. Commercial use of the publications by Rosenheim TUAS is prohibited.

3 Requirements for electronic documents

In the context of these guidelines, the term "electronic document" is taken to mean a document that can contain text, graphics and audio or video sequences, that is stored in a digital format on a data storage medium, and that is distributed via computer networks. An electronic document to be published on the publications server at Rosenheim TUAS must meet the following criteria:

  • It is meant for public distribution.

  • It is a completed document. If changes are required, the modified electronic document will be saved as a new version.

  • It fulfils the technical requirements stipulated by Rosenheim TUAS.

The documents are described (formally and in respect of contents) by the authors themselves using the online form, and subsequently uploaded to OPUS. All documents are indexed according to subject by the authors. The indexing of the contents takes place by means of Integrated Authority File (GND) keywords, freely allocatable keywords, and by indexing in classification systems (e.g. DDC).

4 Electronic documents that are published and distributed via OPUS – Rosenheim TUAS

Everyone affiliated with Rosenheim TUAS (with the exception of students) can add existing publications to the archive, provided that they are in an accepted file format. Changing the contents of the document is not permissible. The following types of electronic documents are saved:

  • current publications, preprints as well as copies/postprints of already published documents produced by anyone affiliated with Rosenheim TUAS, with scientific contents,

  • series of publications of Rosenheim TUAS, as well as publications and series of publications such as collected works, conference publications, research reports, magazines (e-journals) or series produced by those affiliated with Rosenheim TUAS,

  • documents which must be published in accordance with examination regulations (dissertations and habilitation treatises).

Teaching materials and lecture scripts are not published. Documents by students at Rosenheim TUAS such as Master's, Bachelor's, Diplom, Magister and seminar theses can be published on the publications server for final theses at the university library.

5 Long-term availability and security

The publication is saved and archived as a PDF file on the publications server. This is protected against manipulation. To ensure long-term, globally unique and location-independent referencing, i.e. that documents can be easily found and quoted, every document is assigned a URL as well as a “persistent identifier” (Uniform Resource Name) according to the urn:nbn system of the German National Library.

As a matter of principle, we strive for the permanent public availability of the documents. Documents that have already been published cannot be changed or deleted. However, in justified cases, access can be restricted to a limited area (e.g. access only possible from the IP address area/domain of Rosenheim TUAS).

6 Bibliographic rules (Indexing)

In order to achieve an effective subject search on a national and international level, every publication will be indexed by means of bibliographic and technical metadata according to the Dublin Core system, as well as by subject – comprising at a minimum an abstract, a subject classification and keywords. This data must be provided by the author. To ensure uniform quality standards, the metadata may be edited (supplemented or corrected) by the administrators of the publications server, where necessary.

The documents are accessible and researchable through various sources, which currently include:

  • catalogue of the German National Library (except for items appearing within/as part of another publication e.g. essays)

  • search engines e.g. Google and Google Scholar

7 Organisational arrangements

The publications server will be operated by Rosenheim TUAS. Maintaining the hardware and software of this server are the responsibility of the library association (KOBV). Electronic publication is available at no charge for all those affiliated with Rosenheim TUAS.

Submission of the electronic documents for distribution on the publications server usually takes place via an upload form. Any additional work required for publication, such as preparing the electronic documents or converting them into other formats, is carried out by the authors themselves.

The contact persons for all questions related to the publications service are the Centre for Research, Development and Transfer at Rosenheim TUAS.