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  1. I agree that the work and the associated metadata are published digitally on the HNE Eberswalde publication server, stored permanently and made publicly available on the Internet. For this purpose, I grant the university library simple usage rights.
  2. I agree that the university library will forward the work as an electronic file to the document server of the German National Library and, if applicable, other document servers to enable them to save them on their own servers, make them available to the public, convert them into other formats and record them to enable bibliographic data in databases, especially for the purpose of long-term archiving.
  3. If the electronic version of the work intended for publication contains a curriculum vitae or other personal data, I expressly consent to this being saved and made publicly available on the Internet.
  4. I agree that my work described above can be converted into other formats for the purpose of long-term archiving and that copies of the work can be made. As far as necessary for technical reasons, the layout of the work can be changed. The integrity of the content is preserved.
  5. If several writers have collectively written a work, they are co-authors of the work. The work may therefore only be published with the consent of all authors.
  6. I assure that I am the sole owner of all rights to the present work and that no agreements have been made which would conflict with the rights granted in this declaration. I assure that the work does not violate the rights of third parties or the law. This includes in particular the illustrations (photos, graphic elements) contained in this work. I undertake to inform the university library immediately if third parties assert claims based on the copyrights or usage rights to which they are entitled in relation to the above-mentioned work, and the university library of any claims that third parties have based on their copyright or usage rights in view of the work against the university library, exempt and reimburse the university library for the costs arising from the use.
  7. If the publication has already been published (e.g. by a publisher), I assure that a secondary publication by the university library does not conflict with the original publishing contract or higher laws. I assure that the work to be published or parts thereof do not infringe any third party rights. This also applies to the text or image templates supplied by me. If alleged or actual violations of third party copyrights are alleged after publication, I assure that I will inform the library immediately.
  8. If the work is a bachelor's, master's or student's thesis, I hereby confirm that the publication of the work has been approved by the examiner and that the electronic form corresponds to the approved original version in terms of form and content. This does not include personal data in accordance with No. 3.
  9. I undertake to notify the university library of any granting of rights of use to this work to third parties and their scope upon request.
  10. I am free to dispose of my work elsewhere, provided that this does not limit the library's rights specified in this contract.

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