Publication Server of the Collaborative Research Centre CREATOR (TRR361/F90)

This server offers all members of the CRC CREATOR – professors and doctoral researchers – the opportunity to publish electronically generated, qualified documents free of charge via their online publication system. The metadata of the publications within the framework of the SFB CREATOR are available worldwide on the Internet after their publication, whereby the texts are typically kept on other platforms (e.g. arXiv or online portals of the corresponding journals). Insofar as licensing permits, some of the texts are also made available directly on this server. The documents are indexed and accessible via library catalogues and via the search engines of the WWW.

If you want to search for documents of the CRC CREATOR, please choose the menu "Search" where you will find several search options. If you want to publish a document, please select the menu "Publish"; here you can submit your document to the publication server in just a few steps.

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