General and technical requirements for the document

File name
The file name of your document should have the following form: surname_first name. Only lowercase and uppercase letters a-z, digits from 0-9 and the punctuation marks underscore, hyphen, parentheses and full stop may be used.

Create a PDF file
Please submit your file in PDF/A-1b or -2b format. Files in PDF/A-1a or -2a format will also be accepted. All BTU members are free to use the BTU PDF/A converter for converting and validating their PDF files.
PDF/A is an international standard developed specifically for archiving documents. This standard ensures that your file remains legible without losses regardless of the software used.

PDF/A Guidelines for PhD Theses
Instructions for creating PDF/A or PDF/X files from InDesign

No security settings / no DRM
The files must not be protected by DRM. It is not allowed to take any security settings to prevent copying or access rights. This is a demand of the German National Library to guarantee long-term preservation.

Problems with uploading your document
It is not possible to upload files exceeding 250 MB. If there are any problems with uploading your files please contact us. It is possible to submit your document using a file sharing service (e.g. BTU Cloud).

Please regard that once published documents may not be altered nor deleted.
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