Living Predicament – On the Theme of Alienation in >The Human Stain< [生存的困境 - 论《人性的污秽》], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Sichuan International Studies University, Chongqing, China 2017 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 中的异化主题作为当代最有影响力的美国犹太裔作家之一,菲利普·罗斯的小说主要描述犹太身份、美国梦、现代和传统道德的冲突以及性爱。2000年,罗斯完成>美国三部曲<的最后一部-《人性的污秽》。小说讲述浅肤色黑人科尔曼·西尔克的故事,他放弃自己的种族身份,伪装为犹太人最后导致自己的人生悲剧。小说和种族、黑人身份紧密联系,深刻揭示了隐藏的社会问题。国内外学者已经对这部小说进行广泛的研究,然而鲜有人关注小说中的异化主题。弗洛姆认为在现当代资本主义社会存在严重的异化。本篇论文拟借助弗洛姆的异化理论,剖析小说所表达的个人自我异化,人与人之间关系的异化和外部社会的异化。通过揭示普遍的异化现象进一步探讨小说中人物的生存困境。除导论和结论外,正文由三章组成。第一章分析小说的自我异化,主要包括科尔曼的种族逃离、莱斯特扭曲的性格、德芬妮的生存困境和福尼娅贬低自我的人生。异化的人丧失与自己的联系,也与他人失去联系。他感觉已经失去与外界的创造性联系,感到沮丧和无能为力。第二章探讨小说中人与人之间关系的异化,从家庭,爱情以及和周围人的疏离方面入手分析小说中人际关系的异化。异化不仅存在于自我,也存在于人与人之间。小说中人物的关系由于复杂的利益变得异化和扭曲。第三章考察小说中外部世界的异化,分析政治和种族异化以及病态社会给人们带来的影响。
  • As one of the most influential contemporary Jewish American writers, Philip Roth’s novels mainly deal with Jewish identity, American dream, the conflicts between modern and traditional morality and erotic love. In 2000, Roth finished the last one of >American Trilogy<: >The Human Stain<. This novel narrates a story of a light-skinned black man Coleman Silk. He chooses to abandon his racial identity, passing for Jewish people and leading to his final tragedy. It is closely related to race and black identity, profoundly revealing hidden social problems. There have been numerous researches on >The Human Stain<. However, few people explore the alienation theme in this novel. Fromm states there is serious alienation in contemporary society. This article tries to disclose self-alienation, alienation in interpersonal relationship and alienation of society through Fromm’s alienation theory. Through revealing widespread alienation phenomenon, it will further discuss the living predicament of characters in this novel. In addition to introduction and conclusion, there are three chapters in the main body.– Chapter one analyzes self-alienation in this novel, including Coleman’s racial passing, Lester’s twisted character, Delphine’s surviving dilemma and Faunia’s demeaning life. Alienated people lose contact with himself and other people. He feels that he has lost the creative contact with society, becoming depressed and powerless.– Chapter two focuses on alienation in interpersonal relationship in this novel, consisting of alienation in family and love and alienation of other people. Alienation exists not only in oneself, but also among people. The relationship between characters in novel is distorted due to complicated interests.– Chapter three argues alienation of society in novel covering political and ethnic alienation and discusses the impact of morbid world. [Author's translation]

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Author:Lan Zheng
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