A Study on Fromm’s View of Being [弗洛姆的存在观研究], Master thesis, Marxist Theory, Hainan Normal University, Haiku, Hainan, China 2020.

  • 一直以来,存在是西方哲学、西方人文思想所关注的核心问题,在这一问题上,西方马克思主义者在马克思经典文本的启示下,深入探究、阐发存在问题,形成了丰硕的研究成果,其中,埃里希·弗洛姆的存在观具有典型意义。就其思想的内在逻辑来看,弗洛姆的存在观在其思想体系中居于核心地位,是弗洛姆批判发达资本主义的存在观根据。在《占有与存在》中,弗洛姆将存在与占有进行对举,揭示、阐述存在概念的意涵,突出创造性、审美性、自我实现等特质,据此,沿着人的生存处境、体验、精神境况切入对资本主义的分析与批判,以此为线索,将马克思早期的人道主义思想、尤其是《1844年经济学哲学手稿》中对异化劳动的批判与弗洛伊德心理学等有机结合,批判性地>诊断<发达资本主义社会的精神病,借鉴马克思对人之存在的规范性分析,彰显马克思提出的人之存在的自由自觉之维度,揭批发达资本主义的生产异化、消费异化等现象,构想未来共产主义社会中个体的精神维度。本文追溯、探究了弗洛姆存在思想的理论渊源,详细的分析了弗洛姆存在观的核心内涵即创造性、审美性、生产性存在的涵义,归纳其生产性、审美性、自发性的特征,分析存在观在其思想体系中的定位,并较为深入地探讨了这一理论何以构成了弗洛姆的方法论基础。从这一维度出发,彰显弗洛姆对西方二十世纪存在哲学思潮的丰富,对当代资本主义精神危机的克服与超越,对当代资本主义批判角度的丰富与扩展,以及对资本主义现代性逻辑的深入批判。分析、探究弗洛姆的存在观,有助于深入理解当代欧洲发达资本主义所存在的异化与局限、冲突与矛盾。洞悉当代欧美发达资本主义潜存的革命性因素与社会冲突逻辑。同此,深入理解弗洛姆存在观也能在批判消费社会、克服精神异化等方面给予我们以诸多启发。在当代资本主义的语境下,弗洛姆基于马克思主义哲学的原则、立场和方法,将对存在问题的阐释与马克思的资本主义批判进行结合研究,随着时代的发展,与时俱进地推进对马克思主义基本原理的研究与发展,突出马克思主义思索人之存在的方法及视角,这一思想努力有助于为当前马克思主义中国话语的建构提供有益的借鉴与参考。
  • For a long time, being has been the core issue concerned by western philosophy and western humanism. On this issue, Western Marxists, inspired by Marx’s classic texts, have made in-depth exploration and elucidation of the being problems and formed fruitful research results. Among them, Erich Fromm’s view of being have typical significance. As far as the internal logic of his thought is concerned, Fromm’s view of being occupies the core position in his ideological system, which is the ontological basis for Fromm to criticize the developed capitalism. In >To Have Or To Be?<, Fromm takes the being and have as an example, reveals and expounds the meaning of the concept of being, highlights creativity, aesthetics, self-realization and other characteristics, according to which, along the living situation, experience and spiritual situation of human beings, he cuts into the analysis and criticism of capitalism, taking this as a clue, and takes Marx’s early humanitarian thought, especially in >Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844<, the criticism of alienated labor is combined with Freudian psychology, to critically >diagnose< the psychosis of the developed capitalist society, draw on Marx’s normative analysis of human’s being, highlight Marx’s dimension of freedom and consciousness of human being, expose and criticize the phenomena of production alienation and consumption alienation of the developed capitalism, and conceiving the spiritual dimension of the individual in the future communist society. This paper traces back and explores the theoretical origin of Fromm’s view of being, analyzes the core connotation of Fromm’s view of being in detail, that is, the meaning of creativity, aesthetics and productive being, sums up its characteristics of production, aesthetics and spontaneity, analyzes the position of being in his ideological system, and discusses in-depth how this theory constitutes the methodological basis of Fromm. From this dimension, it shows Fromm’s enrichment of the philosophy of being in the 20th century, his overcoming and surpassing of the spiritual crisis of contemporary capitalism, his enrichment and expansion of the critical angle of contemporary capitalism, and his in-depth criticism of the logic of capitalist modernity. The analysis and exploration of Fromm’s view of being will help us to understand the alienation, limitation, conflict and contradiction of the contemporary European developed capitalism. It has insight into the potential revolutionary factors and the logic of social conflict of the contemporary developed capitalism in Europe and America. In the same way, a deep understanding of Fromm’s ontology can also give us a lot of inspiration in criticizing consumer society and overcoming spiritual alienation. In the context of contemporary capitalism, based on the principles, positions and methods of Marxist philosophy, Fromm will combine the interpretation of problems of being with Marx’s criticism of capitalism. With the development of the times, he will advance the research and development of the basic principles of Marxism with the times, and highlight the methods and perspectives of Marxist thinking about the being of human, which is helpful to the construction of Marxist Discourse in China. [Author's translation]

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Author:Jialing Yu
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Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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