Analysis of the Problem of Loneliness in Albert Camus' >Exile and the Kingdom< [对阿尔贝·加缪作品《流放与王国》中孤独问题的分析], French Language and Literature, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 2020 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 加缪对孤独的思考是随时间而深入的。《流放与王国》,作为加缪生前出版的最后一部小说,更全面地向读者揭示了加缪的孤独思想。为了理解这一思想在《流放与王国》中的展现,我们将从以下三个方面展开研究。我们首先对加缪在文中阐述的不同形式的孤独进行分析,结合弗洛姆的精神分析理论,我们发现对文中人物而言,孤独问题是普遍存在并且不能避免的。这种孤独来源于主动或被动的自我封闭,它不只存在于个人内心,更会体现在外部社会及其成员关系中。随后,我们将运用主题学和存在主义的相关理论,分析小说中人物对于自身孤独状态的觉醒。他们深受孤独之苦,但同时也正是在孤独中,他们回归了自我,踏上了通往王国之路。最后,我们将从安德烈·孔特-斯蓬维尔所阐述的关于爱的两个概念:éros和Philia入手,探讨加缪针对孤独问题提出的解决之道:团结之爱。我们将看到,在《流放与王国》中,孤独具有着双重性。孤独这一情感在困扰着书中人物的同时,也标志着这些处于困惑迷茫状态中的人们的觉醒。这种双重性也同样存在于孤独与团结的关系之间。主人公们在孤独状态中认识自我,又在与他人的团结友爱中进入属于自己的王国。
  • Camus' reflections on solitude have deepened over time. >Exile and the Kingdom<, the last of Camus's novels to be published during his lifetime, reveals Camus's thoughts on loneliness more fully to the reader. In order to understand how this idea is presented in >Exile and the Kingdom<, we will examine it in three ways. We begin with an analysis of the different forms of loneliness that Camus describes in the text, which, when combined with Fromm's psychoanalytic theory, reveals that for the characters in the text, loneliness is a universal and unavoidable problem. This loneliness is the result of active or passive self-imposed isolation, which is not only internal to the individual, but also manifests itself in external society and in the relationships of its members. We will then analyse the characters' awakening to their loneliness by applying theories of thematics and existentialism. They suffer from loneliness, but it is also in this loneliness that they return to themselves and embark on the path to the kingdom. Finally, we will examine Camus's solution to the problem of loneliness: the love of solidarity, starting with the two concepts of love that André Comte-Spontville has elaborated: Éros and Philia. As we shall see, in >Exile and the Kingdom<, loneliness has a double dimension. While the emotion of loneliness haunts the characters, it also marks the awakening of these people in a state of confusion and disorientation. This duality is also present in the relationship between solitude and solidarity. In their solitude, the characters come to know themselves and in their solidarity with others, they enter their own kingdom. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Ying Wang
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