The Characterization of Film in the Perspective of Psychoanalysis – The Short film >Dream Man< as an Example [神分析学视域下的电影人物塑造], Master thesis, Film (Professional Degree), Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China 2020 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 弗洛伊德提出梦境是了解人心理的重要途径,分析人物潜意识中的隐藏事件可治愈人物心理创伤。利用精神分析学理论分析人物梦境,可了解人物内心,从内而外完成对人物的塑造。短片《梦中人》讲述一个独自生活在城市里的青年林栋两天三夜的生活故事。在梦起梦落中回忆起儿时以自己内心的另一个人格身份夏桐成长的生活点滴。整个故事中穿插了二人很多奇幻的梦境,这些梦境将隐藏在两人内心深处的情感进行可视化展现。本文运用到了精神分析学家弗洛伊德的精神层次理论和释梦理论、荣格的人格面具理论和弗洛姆的社会潜意识理论。本文依托于精神分析学的整体理论框架下,分别从人物叙事空间的结构化表达、人物心理空间的具象化表达和人物的人格建构等方面针对创作中的叙事结构、叙事空间和叙述人进行分析阐述;针对电影视听语言中的镜头语言、光线色调、意象符号和声音的运用进行分析阐述;针对人物的人格建构、影响人物人格建构的环境因素进行分析阐述。
  • Freud proposed that dreams are an important way to understand human psychology, and analyzing hidden events in the subconscious mind of a character can heal the psychological trauma of the character. Using psychoanalytic theory to analyze the character’s dreams, you can understand the character’s heart and complete the shaping of the character from the inside out. The short film >Two Me< tells the story of a young Lin Dong who lives alone in the city for two days and three nights. In the dream, he recalled the life of Xia Tong who grew up as another personality in his heart. The whole story is interspersed with many fantasy dreams of the two, and these dreams will visualize the emotions hidden in the two hearts. This article applies the psychoanalyst Freud's theory of spiritual hierarchy and dream interpretation theory, Jung’s personality mask theory, and Fromm’s social subconscious theory. Relying on the overall theoretical framework of psychoanalysis, this article analyzes and explains the narrative structure, narrative space and narrator in the creation from the structured expression of the narrative space of the character, the concrete expression of the psychological space of the character, and the personality construction of the character. Analyze and explain the use of lens language, light tones, imagery symbols, and sounds in movie audiovisual languages; analyze and elaborate on the character’s personality construction and the environmental factors that affect the character’s personality construction. [Author's translation]

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Author:Xiang Li
Document Type:Dissertations
Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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