Research on Marx’s Family Thought [马克思家庭思想研究], Master thesis, Philosophy, Xi'an University of Architecture und Technology, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China 2020.

  • >千年第一思想家<马克思在系列著作中对家庭进行了深刻的论述,本文正是以马克思的经典著作为基础,探寻马克思家庭思想的奥秘。本文的主体一共有五章,可归纳为以下三点:第一,马克思家庭思想的发展历程。在对马克思相关著作中家庭思想进行提炼的基础上,依据时间顺序和马克思思想的发展线索,将马克思家庭思想划分为萌芽时期、展开时期、成熟时期。在马克思家庭思想萌芽时期,马克思家庭思想受西方浪漫主义思想的影响,主要展开对爱情和婚姻的论述。在马克思家庭思想展开时期,马克思家庭思想经历从黑格尔的理性主义转向费尔巴哈的人本唯物主义,最终形成历史唯物主义的过程,主要展开对家庭、市民社会与国家的关系,家庭中的夫妻关系,家庭的未来,家庭起源和发展的论述。在马克思家庭思想成熟时期,主要展开对资本主义家庭的批判,无产阶级家庭现状的剖析以及家庭形式的分析。第二,马克思家庭思想的理论溯源及其内在张力。首先指出柏拉图的家庭思想、西方浪漫主义思想、黑格尔的家庭思想、费尔巴哈的家庭思想、摩尔根的家庭思想是马克思家庭思想的理论溯源;其次阐述马克思家庭思想在发展过程中产生的应有和现有、理性和现实、认识和实践之间的张力。第三,马克思家庭思想对西方马克思主义的影响,包括对艾瑞克?弗洛姆家庭之爱的思想的影响,结构主义马克思主义婚姻、家庭思想的影响和马克思主义女性主义的妇女解放思想的影响。总之,本文以马克思的经典文本为依据,对其家庭思想的发展历程、理论溯源、内在张力以及对西方马克思主义的影响进行详细的阐述,得出以下结论:第一,马克思家庭思想在发展过程中经历了由西方浪漫主义转向理性主义再转向人本唯物主义,最终确立历史唯物主义的演变过程。第二,马克思家庭思想中存在应有和现有、理性和现实、认识和实践之间的内在张力。第三,西方马克思主义对马克思家庭思想进行了一定程度的发挥。
  • Marx, the first thinker in the millennium, has made a profound discussion on the family in his series of works. This paper is based on Marx’s classic works and explores the mysteries of Marx’s family thought. The main body of this paper consists of five chapters, which can be summarized into the following three points. First, this paper expounds the development process of Marx’s family thought. On the basis of refining the family thought in Marx’s related works, Marx’s family thoughts are divided into the budding period, the unfolding period, and the mature period according to the time sequence and the development process of Marx’s thoughts. During the budding period, Marx’s family thought began to discuss love and marriage under the influence of western romanticism. During the unfolding period, Marx’s family thought experienced the process of changing from Hegel’s rationalism to Feuerbach’s humanistic materialism and finally forming historical materialism, mainly develop the relationship between family, civil society and the state, couple relationship in the family, the future of the family, the origin and development of the family. In the mature period, Marx’s family thought mainly criticized the capitalist family, and analyzed the present situation of the proletarian family and the family forms.– Second, the theoretical origin of Marx’s family thought and its inherent tension. First of all, it points out that Plato’s family thought, Western romanticism, Hegel’s family thought, Feuerbach’s family thought, and Morgan’s family thought are the theoretical traces of Marx’s family thought; there should be tension between existing, rational and realistic, cognition and practice.– Third, the paper expounds the influence of Marx’s family thought on western Marxism, including the influence of Erich Fromm's thoughts on family love, the influence of structuralist Marxist marriage. In short, this article based on the classic text of Marx, and combed the development process, theoretical origin, internal tension and impact on Western Marxism of the family thought in detail, and reached the following conclusions. First, Marx’s family thought has experienced Western romanticism in the development process Turning to rationalism and then to humanistic materialism finally established the evolution of historical materialism. Second, in Marx’s family thought, there is an inherent tension between due and existing, rational and realistic, cognition and practice. Third, Western Marxism has exerted a certain degree of Marxist family thought. [Author's translation]

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Author:Rong Huang
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