Alienation and Resistance in >Their Eyes Were Watching God< [《他们眼望上苍》中的异化与抵制], Master thesis, World Literatur, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China 2020 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 《他们眼望上苍》作为美国文学史上杰出的黑人女性作家佐拉·尼尔·赫斯顿代表作之一,被誉为黑人文学的经典之作。前人主要对作品的女性主义,叙述策略以及黑人民俗文化进行了深入探究,但以异化理论为基础的研究方向却有待开拓。本文以弗洛姆的异化理论为基础,对比分析作品中三位主要男性角色的异化与女主人公的反抗,揭示女主人公珍妮是如何通过创造性的爱,一步步唤醒女性意识,从而实现自我,摆脱异化。本论文首先探讨了小说中三位主要男性角色所彰显出的性格特质:罗根代表的囤积性格取向,乔代表的剥削性格取向以及茶点心代表的接受性格取向。根据弗洛姆的异化理论,这三种性格取向皆缺少创造性的爱的引导,都具有自己的性格劣势,不可避免的会陷入异化。另一方面,论文分析了女主人公珍妮在这个异化的大环境下,仍然保持着创造性爱的特质:给与、了解、尊重和关心。在追逐创造性爱的过程中,珍妮的女性意识也逐渐成熟,最终获得了身体的解放和精神上的独立,摆脱了异化。本文通过男性角色和女性角色在面对异化时不同的反应对比,一方面揭露出那个时期黑人女性所身处的黑暗环境:深受性别和种族的双重压迫;另一方面女主人公珍妮在异化大环境下成功逃离异化,实现自我,彰显出女性意识以及创造性的爱的重要性。从而展示出赫斯顿在该书中所传达的主题:呼吁更多黑人女性努力追求创造性的爱,唤醒女性意识,反抗压迫,实现自我
  • >Their Eyes Were Watching God< as one of the representative works of Zora Neale Hurston, an eminent black female writer in the history of American literature, has been hailed as a classic of black literature. While previous researchers have primarily delved into the feminism, narrative strategies, and black folk culture of the work, the direction of research based on the theory of alienation has yet to be explored. Based on Erich Fromm’s theory of alienation, this thesis compares and analyzes the alienation of the three main male characters and the resistance of the heroine, revealing how the heroine, Janie, with the powers from productive love, awakens the female consciousness step by step, achieves self-realization and steers away from alienation. This thesis first discusses the character orientations of the three main male characters: Logan’s hoarding orientation, Joe’s exploitative orientation and Tea Cake’s receptive orientation. According to Fromm’s theory of alienation, all three have their own weaknesses and each will fall into alienation due to the lack of the guidance from productive love. On the other hand, the thesis analyzes how the heroine, Janie, maintains the traits of productive love against alienating powers giving, knowledge, respect and care. In the pursuit of productive love, Janie’s feminine consciousness matures and she eventually achieves physical liberation and spiritual independence from alienation through the contrast between the male and female characters’ different reactions to alienation, the paper reveals the dark environment in which black women faced with at that time: deeply oppressed by both gender discrimination and race prejudice; on the other hand, the heroine, Janie, successfully escapes from alienation and gains her own identity, highlighting the importance of femininity and productive love. The thesis then further highlights Hurston’s ambition in this work: a call for more black women to draw power from productive love, to awaken feminine consciousness, to resist oppression, and to achieve self-realization. [English translation:, 9/2021]

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Author:Jing Hu
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