An Interpretation of Harry’s Image in >Rabbit Tetralogy< from the Perspective of Fromm’s Humanistic Theory [弗洛姆人本主义理论视域下>兔子四部曲<中哈利的人物形象解读], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Bohai University, Jinzhou, Liaoning, China 2020 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 硕士约翰·厄普代克(1932-2009)作为二十世纪中后期美国最优秀的小说家之一,致力于描写美国中产阶级的生活状况。他的代表作>兔子四部曲<详细描绘了美国社会从二十世纪五十年代至九十年代的发展变迁,揭露了人们在社会不同发展阶段的生活状态。四部小说每一部可独立成篇,以哈利的人生经历为中心刻画了约150个人物形象。哈利作为这一系列的主人公,展现出典型的美国中产阶层的思维方式和行为表现。论文旨在用艾瑞克·弗洛姆(1900-1980)的人本主义理论解读兔子哈利的人物形象。弗洛姆作为德国的心理学家和社会学家主要对人的问题进行研究,通过借鉴马克思主义和弗洛伊德学说形成了特有的人本主义理论。他将人的问题与社会现象结合起来,阐释了人们正面临着自由导致的焦虑和异化带来的自我价值丧失,分析了社会心理层面上人的性格并提出了成为健全的人与构建健全社会的解决方法。论文主要通过弗洛姆的人本主义理论从性格特征和行为表现两方面分析哈利的人物形象。一方面,采用弗洛姆的性格理论分析哈利在成为中产阶级前后受异化影响产生的不同社会性格特征,阐述了在社会异化引发的不同性格特征下哈利心理上的变化和他与身边亲人朋友交往时的内在表现。另一方面,论文结合弗洛姆提出的自由与异化两大困境对哈利面对生活出现的矛盾时做出的行为表现进行分析,阐述在不同的社会性格倾向影响下,哈利在追寻自由与自我价值的过程中面临的挑战与转变。运用弗洛姆的人本主义理论分析兔子哈利的人物形象是>兔子四部曲<研究的一个新视角。通过对兔子哈利的性格与行为特征的分析,论文进一步论述了现代西方人与社会面临的异化问题。哈利在异化环境下所处的困境与他在追寻自由中面临的迷茫,与现代西方社会各个阶层在异化影响下面临的挑战相对应。除此外论文也对异化环境下人与自我,人与人,人与社会之间的联系以及人的生产性问题进行了思考。
  • John Updike (1932 – 2009), one of America’s best novelists in the mid-to-late 20th century, devoted himself to describing the living conditions of American middle class. His masterpiece >Rabbit Tetralogy< detailed the development and changes of American society from 1950s to1990s, and revealed the living conditions of people in different stages of social development. Each of the four novels can stand alone, with about 150 personalities centered around Harry’s life experience. As the protagonist in this series, Harry showed the typical way of thinking and behavior of American middle class. The purpose of paper is to interpret the image of Rabbit Harry based on the humanistic theory of Eric Fromm (1900-1980). Fromm, as a German psychologist and sociologist, mainly worked on human problems, and formed a unique humanistic theory of by drawing on Marxism and Freud's theory. He combined human problems with social phenomena, and explained that people are facing anxiety caused by freedom and loss of self-worth caused by alienation. He analyzed the personality of people on a socio-psychological level, and put forward a solution to build a sound personality and society. The thesis mainly analyzes Harry’s image from two aspects of personality and behavior on the basis of Fromm’s humanistic theory. On the one hand, Fromm’s character theory was used to analyze different social personality traits of Harry before and after his becoming a middle class. The paper also expounds psychological changes of Harry and his internal performance when he interacts with family and friends under the different personality characteristics caused by social alienation. On the other hand, the paper analyzes Harry’s behaviors in the face of contradictions in life, combining two predicaments of freedom and alienation proposed by Fromm, and describes the challenges and changes that Harry faces in the pursuit of freedom and self-worth under the influence of different social character tendencies. The analysis of Harry’s character image from the perspective of Fromm’s humanistic theory was a new perspective in the research of >Rabbit Tetralogy<. By analyzing the character and behavioral characteristics of Rabbit Harry, the paper further discussed the alienation problems faced by modern westerners and society. Harry’s dilemma in the environment of alienation and the confusion he faced in his pursuit of freedom corresponded to the challenges faced by various classes in modern western society under the influence of alienation. Moreover the paper also considered the relationship between man and himself, man and man, man and society, and human productive issues in an alienated environment. [Author's translation]

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