To Have or to Be – Fromm’s Critical Society Theory [占有还是存在 – 弗洛姆社会批判理论研究], Master thesis, Marxist Philosophy, Fudan University, Shanghai, China 2012.

  • >占有还是存在<这是一个现代生活中的重要问题,也是弗洛姆社会批判理论和实践中一条隐含的线索。本文首先对重占有和重存在两种生存方式进行了剖析,从中挖掘出了弗洛姆这一生存理论的前提,即人道主义原则、异化理论和社会性格理论。在此基础之上指出他这一理论的主旨:社会批判基础之上的社会拯救——构建>新人<和>新社会<。弗洛姆整个生存方式理论是以他对人性的分析作为基础的,人性中所固有的矛盾性是出现两种生存方式对立的根本原因,而人性中的主动和创造性本质又是消除这种对立,使得人类最终扬弃>重占有<的生存方式,建立>重存在<的生存方式的可能性所在。整篇文章的主要目的是对弗洛姆生存方式理论做一个较为全面的整理工作,同时站在马克思主义的哲学立场上对他的这种理论进行了分析。他这一生存方式理论主要涉及了三个方面:第一,对人的本性、人的生存状况作出的分析说明;第二,对社会状况、特别是社会病态进行了批判剖析;第三,为医治社会、拯救人类提供方案。这三方面也是他整个社会哲学所主要进行的工作。尽管弗洛姆的理论有偏颇之处,但是他为综合马克思的历史唯物主义和弗洛伊德的精神分析学说所做的努力是不容忽视的,正是他的这种努力为我们打开了一个应用马克思主义哲学分析当下社会问题的新视角。
  • >To have or to be?< This question is a significant issue in the modern life. It’s also an implied clue of Fromm’s social critical theory and his practice. This article firstly discuss those two modes of existence – the having mode and the being mode. From which we dug up the premises of this theory. They are the principles of humanitarianism, theory of alienation and social character. On this basis we can pointed out the purpose of his theory: social criticism and salvation – the establishments of new man and new society. His theory about human nature is an essential thought. The inherent contradiction in human nature is the primary cause of the opposition between the two modes of existence. And the initiative and creativity in the human nature will eliminate the opposition, to finally abandoning the >having mode< and establish a >being mode<. The main purpose of the dissertation is to discuss Fromm’s theory of modes of existence and does a relatively comprehensive consolidation work. At the same time, the article stands in the position of Marxism to criticize his theory. His theory of existence mainly involves three aspects: first, anglicizing the human nature and the human condition. Second, anglicizing the social status, especially criticizing the sick social. Third, providing solutions to heal society and saving human beings. These three aspects are also the whole work of his social philosophy. Although there are some biased in Fromm’s theory, but his efforts to comprehensive Marx’s historical materialism and Freud’s psychoanalysis can not be neglected. His efforts may give us a new perspective that applications of Marxism analysis of contemporary social issues. [Author’s translation]

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