A Study of Loneliness in Carson McCuller’s Representative Works [卡森•麦卡勒斯代表作品孤独主题研究], Master thesis, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Guangxi Normal University, Guilin, Guangxi, China 2013 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 卡森麦卡勒斯(1917-1967)作为20世纪美国南方作家中的重要一员,以其作品独特的艺术风格和深刻的思想内涵而在美国文坛上占据重要一席。在她的五部小说作品中,最能代表其创作特色、也最为人所称道的是其中三部:《心是孤独的猎手》、《婚礼的成员》和《伤心咖啡馆之歌》。孤独是世界文学史长河中永恒的话题,亦是麦卡勒斯所擅长表现的领域。由于其特殊的成长经历,麦卡勒斯对隔离、孤独的理解和体验比任何人都深刻,在表达孤独这一主题时,再也没有人能像她那样>集中而有力,富于戏剧冲突和悲剧音调<①。麦卡勒斯的作品以工业化社会为背景,深刻描写了人类对未知命运和自我丧失的内心恐惧,突出表现了机械化社会之下人类陷入更加孤独的精神状态。在麦卡勒斯的作品中,我们不仅看到孤独所蕴含的人类本质意义上的精神隔绝,同时更能体会到其孤独书写中所传达出的强烈的批判现实意义。本文将围绕麦卡勒斯的三部代表作品,即,长篇小说《心是孤独的猎手》、《婚礼的成员》及中篇小说《伤心咖啡馆之歌》,采用文本分析的方法,首先分析作者孤独主题所呈现的具体方面,无论是环境、人物还是事件,都深深地刻上了孤独的烙印;其次从社会历史、文学传统及作者成长经历的角度追寻孤独主题确立之成因;最后再借助作家的创作理论及美国社会心理学家弗洛姆相关理论,进一步探究作品所体现出的批判现实意义。作者的孤独意识并非简单的、封闭的,她的创作是为了指向现实,为了帮助人们摆脱生存与苦难的困境,摆脱沉重的孤独意识,走向更美好的明天。
  • As one of the most important southern writers in the 20th century American literature, Carson McCullers enjoys an important place for her unique artistic style and profound connotation. Among her five novels, which feature her most are: >The Heart is a Lonely Hunter<, >The Member of the Wedding<, and >The Ballad of the Sad Café<. Loneliness is the eternal topic of world literature as well as the field McCullers does best. Given her special experience, McCullers’ understanding and experience for isolation and loneliness is much more profound than anyone else. When it comes to the theme >loneliness<, no one can write such >powerful, dramatic and tragic< works as she does. McCullers contextualizes her works in an industrialized society poignantly describes the inner fears of human for the unknown fate and self-lost; highlights the entanglement of a even more lonely state of mind kind under the mechanized society. In McCullers’ works, we can not only find the spiritual isolation of human nature the loneliness contains, but also realize the strong spirit of critical realism the loneliness writing conveys. - This paper focuses on McCullers’ three representative works, namely, the novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The Member of the Wedding, and the novella The Ballad of the Sad Cafe adopts the method of close reading, firstly, analyzes the specific aspects of the author’s loneliness theme, whether it is the environment, people or events, are deeply engraved with the lonely imprint; Secondly, searches for the causes the establishment of loneliness theme from the perspective of social history, literary tradition and of the author’s personal experience; finally, with the help of the writer’s creation theory and the theory of American social-psychologist Erich Fromm, further explores the strong significance of critical realism the works reflect. Rather than a simple or closed consciousness of loneliness, the author aims the reality, she means to help people getting rid of the plight and suffering, relieves them from the heavy sense of loneliness for a promising future. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Meixiang Zhang
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