The Commentary of Western Marxist Consumption Alienation Theory [西方马克思主义的消费异化理论述评], Master thesis, Foreign Marxism, Southwest University of Political Science & Law, Yubei, Chongqing, China 2013.

  • 消费异化是西方马克思主义的重要理论,是关于消费在现代社会发生异化的现象、原因及解决途径的理论。它分析了现代社会发展的弊病,描述了现代社会的消费主义大环境。西方马克思主义的哲学家们,通过对社会的观察结合马克思主义的基本观点提出了消费异化理论,说明了消费异化产生的原因及危害,从现实的角度描绘消费社会的基本状况,批判消费异化对人性地扭曲。本文通过西方马克思主义哲学家关于消费异化理论地论述分析西方马克思主义的消费异化观。鲍德里亚提出人已不再被人所包围而是被物所包围,人与人之间被重新以物为符号划分人的等级,这是非常恐怖的,人们为了自己的地位不得不努力地劳动而失去自我以适应新的社会现实,各类媒体的介入使的消费异化更加严重。弗洛姆以心理学的角度分析人在消费中内心的变化,这种变化逐渐地波及到人与人之间的关系,也影响到人对自己地定位发展,这些都是非常不利的。马尔库塞提出了消费异化是工业社会发展的必然结果地论断,说明福利社会是以糖衣炮弹的形式使具有反抗精神的消费人群成为顺民,进而完成统治的欲望。这些观点虽然都存在局限性,但为资本主义社会的分析做出了有益地贡献。在人们的观念中不断地形成了一种以符号为代表的等级社会,在这种社会中,通过对人占有物的程度划分人的等级,这是对人性地忽视。本文阐明消费异化的基本理论,梳理对比不同学者的理论观点,结合现代社会发展的具体情况,分析原因并试图提出解决途径。消费异化地发展,为分析现代的社会问题提供了良好的研究方向,通过对消费异化的探究,可以反思现代社会的弊病,对解决生态危机理论提供了有价值研究内容。
  • Consumption alienation which is an important theory in Western Marxism is about the phenomenon, cause and solution of consumption dissimilation in modern society. It analyses the problems in the development of modern society, and the environment of consumerism. Western Marxism philosophers have put forward Consumption Alienation Theory by combining the observation of the society with the basic ideas of Marxism Theory. They illustrate the causes and harms of consumption alienation, and described the realistic situation of consumer society, then criticize the consumption aliena-tion distorting human nature. This paper studies on the consumption alienation view of Western Marxism through the analysis of the Consumption Alienation Theory proposed by western Marxism philosophers. - Baudrillard has put forward that human are no longer surrounded by human but the material, and regarded by the material symbol. That is so terrible. Human has to work hard for their own status and lose themselves to adapt to new social reality. And consumer alienation becomes more serious for various media intervention. Fromm analyses the people’s inner change in the consumption on the perspective of psychology. These disadvantageous changes has gradually speeded to the relationship of people, and affected their own positional developments. Marcuse proposed consumer alienation is the inevitable outcome of the development of industrial society. It shows that the welfare so-ciety makes rebellious consumers docile in the form of sugar-coated cannonballs, and completes the desire of rule. - Although these ideas have limitations, they make a useful contribution to the analysis of the capitalist society. Hierarchical social represented by symbols has constantly formed in the people’s idea. In this society, it is a disregard of human nature through grading people on how many possessions they have. This paper expounds the basic theory of the consumption alienation, and compares different scholars’ theoretical views. Then it is combined with the specific situation of the modern society developing to analyze the cause, and try to put forward solutions. The development of consumption alienation provides a great research direction for analyzing modern social problems. Through the study of consumption alienation, we can reflect the modern social problems, and provide valuable research for solving the Ecological Crisis Theory. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Nan Jiang
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