Herman’s Sorrows: A Humanistic Interpretation of Singer’s >Enemies, a Love Story< [赫尔曼的忧愁:辛格《冤家》的人本主义解读], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China 2013 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 美国犹太文学自十九世纪形成后,越来越引起国内外读者的关注。犹太作家在当代美国文坛占据着举世瞩目的地位。1978年的诺贝尔文学奖获得者艾萨克?巴什维斯?辛格就是其中最著名的美国犹太作家之一。他以独特的艺术手法及丰富的作品内容,不仅形象描述了普通犹太人的生活,而且描绘了人类的普遍处境。《冤家》是一个反映普通欧洲犹太人在希特勒大屠杀战后悲欢离合的故事。辛格故事中的人物大都是一些被激情所驱使和折磨的人。《冤家》中的赫尔曼就是这样一个典型。像很多现代人一样,他陷于一系列矛盾的漩涡中,无力挣扎。五十年代以来,研究辛格及其小说的文章、书籍不断增加,评论家试图从多角度分析他的作品。关于《冤家》这部作品的研究主要聚集在两性关系、女性形象、犹太传统和美国文化的摩擦与融合以及对大屠杀的深思等主题上。但至今还没有人从人本主义的角度解析过赫尔曼的忧愁。本论文试图通过文本细读及弗洛姆的人本主义理论,研究赫尔曼的忧愁并找出一条可行的出路。本论文共分为三个部分:引言、正文及结论。第一部分为引言部分,简要介绍辛格及其作品《冤家》的国内外研究,并提出本论文的写作意义。第二部分包括四个章节。第二章简要介绍弗洛姆人本主义理论系统的基础:异化论,人性论及爱的理论。第三章具体描述赫尔曼与社会、他人及自己异化的表现。第四章从两个方面分析导致赫尔曼忧愁的因素。他不仅是纳粹的受害者,也是其自身病态性格的受害者。第五章首先分析了赫尔曼及作品中其他主要人物在矛盾、痛苦的生活中所寻找的出路,然后得出只有爱才是人类异化生活的唯一出路。给予、关爱、尊重、责任、理解作为爱的五个要素相互联系,密不可分。第三部分是也就是本论文的最后一章总结并强调《冤家》这部小说所具有的现实意义。对赫尔曼忧愁的人本主义解读有助于人们认识自我、消除异化、构建和谐社会。
  • American Jewish literature has attracted more and more attentions both at home and abroad since its foundation in the19th century. The Jewish writers occupy a remarkable status in the contemporary American literary world. Isaac Bashevis Singer, the Nobel laureate in literature in1978, is one of the most renowned American Jewish writers. Using impassioned narratives and rich contents, Singer not only describes the life of ordinary Jews, but also brings universal human conditions tolife. Enemies, A Love Story is a story about love and hatred after Hitler’s Holocaust. Most protagonists in Singer’s stories are droved and tortured by different passions. Herman in Enemies, A Love Story is a typical example. Like many modern people, Herman suffers enormous contradictions, and feels powerless to struggle in the complicated society. Since the1950s, a growing number of critics have shown great interest at Singer’s works, and tried to study his masterpieces from different perspectives. About Enemies, A Love Story critics mainly focus on the relationship between sexes, the female images, the conflict and fusion between the Jewish tradition and the American culture, the meditation on Hitler’s Holocaust, etc. But no one has ever tried to interpret Herman’s sorrows in humanism. - The thesis tries to study Herman’s sorrows and intends to find a way out by using the intensive reading to the text and E. Fromm’s humanism. There are three parts in this thesis: the introduction, the body and the conclusion.– The introductive part includes a brief introduction to the writer Isaac Bashevis Singer, the novel Enemies, A Love Story, and the significance of this thesis.– The second part includes four chapters: Chapter 2 briefly introduces the theoretical basis of E. Fromm’s humanistic structure: the theory of alienation, the theory of human nature, and the theory of love.– Chapter 3 analyses the alienation of Herman’s sorrowful life in detail. He is alienated not only from national responsibility, but also from other people and himself.– Chapter 4 tries to examine the two constructive factors to Herman’s sorrows. He is not only a victim of Nazis, but also a victim of his own morbid character.– Chapter 5 strives to find a way out in the contradictions by analyzing the different choices of Herman and other main figures. And then, it turns out that love is the only remedy of alienation. Giving, care, respect, responsibility, and understanding, as the five elements of love, are connected closely to each other.– The third part is the conclusion which summarizes the thesis and emphasizes the universal significance of studying this novel. A humanistic interpretation of Herman’s sorrows can help people to understand themselves, eliminate alienation and build a more harmonious society.

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