The Female Salvation in Hesse’s Novels of Early and Medium Stage [论黑塞早中期小说中的女性救赎], Master thesis, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Jiangnan University, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China 2013 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 赫尔曼•黑塞(Hermann赫尔曼•黑塞(Hermann Hesse,1877-1962)是20世纪德国杰出的浪漫主义作家,被誉为>德国浪漫派的最后一位骑士<。黑塞深受浪漫主义影响,他将自己的小说称为>心灵传记<,在其创作中始终关注人与世界、与自身的关系,因此其小说全方位地展现了不同阶段的人与外界的矛盾以及因此产生的救赎渴望。本论文试图从黑塞的个人经历和思想入手,借助女性形象的分析,从自然之女、欲望的张扬、生活之母的伟大想象等三个层面上历时性地探讨黑塞小说中的女性救赎观念,并将其救赎道路的展开置于特定的时代背景和文学传统中,发掘其女性救赎背后独特的文化内涵及精神意义。论文主体分成四个部分,为四章。第一章主要从共时和历时两个角度,从黑塞的个人经历和文化传统两个方面入手,探究黑塞在个人与时代危机中的救赎意识的产生,并将作家置于文学传统中进行观照,指出其以女性为依托的救赎意识实际上来源于作家对浪漫主义文学传统即先代诗哲智慧的有益吸收。第二章以作家的早期作品《彼得•卡门青》为例,重点借用了生态女性主义和弗洛姆>爱的哲学<的某些观点,指出青年对心灵家园的困惑与追寻是其救赎的发轫,由此这一时期的女性典型地带有自然特性,正是在这个维度上,女性为男性指明了救赎之路,即爱的哲学。第三章以黑塞代表作之一的《荒原狼》为主要分析对象,是本文论述的重点和难点。本章以荣格的原型分析理论为架构,试图从原型角度论述小说中男性的分裂与冲突以及女性阿尼玛原型所具有的救赎意义,在此基础上揭示出黑塞这一时期的>幽默哲学<,其本质是一种苦难哲学和超越哲学。第四章着重探讨《纳尔齐斯与歌尔德蒙》中的女性救赎主题。首先借用尼采>成为你自己<的道德哲学来分析小说主人公歌尔德蒙的救赎之路的展开,即对真实自我的认识。在此过程中,女性扮演艺术和性爱女神,并在作家的塑造中成就了生活之母的伟大想象,第三节重点论述小说中体现的死亡哲学,即关于生与死、死与爱的关系。由此黑塞在技术与理性的时代氛围中,通过对感性之爱与死亡的吟唱,在一个审美的世界中表现了自身对个体救赎的内在探索。show moreshow less
  • Hermann Hesse (1804–1876) is an outstanding German Romantic writer of the 20th century. He is wellHermann Hesse (1804–1876) is an outstanding German Romantic writer of the 20th century. He is well known as the last knight of German Romanticism. As Hesse is deeply affected by Romanticism, he calls his novels mind biography, while he always concerns about the relationship between people, the world and himself. Thus, his novels reveal the contradiction with the outside world of people at different stages and the desire of salvation. Therefore, the paper is started from Hesse’s personal experience and thoughts, with the analysis of the image of fem, and deeply investigated in three parts, of the nature’s daughter, the desire female, the great picture of the mother of the life. By placing the expansion of its redemptive road in the context of specific historical background and literary traditions, we could discover the unique cultural connotation idea and spiritual significance behind the female salvation. - The paper is divided into four main chapters. First chapter mainly explores the generation of Hesse’s salvation from the crisis of himself and times in two angles of the total and lasted, starting from Hesse’s personal experience and cultural tradition. While contemplating the writer in the literary tradition, the paper indicates that the salvation awareness relying on women is actually derived from the beneficial absorption from the Romantic literary tradition which is the wisdom of sages.– Chapter II points out that young people’s redemption is originated from his confusion and pursuit of the spiritual homeland by using the theory of eco-feminism and Fromm’s >Love’s Philosophy<. Therefore, the women of this period have typical zones of natural features, which, in this dimension, women indicate for men the way of salvation, the philosophy of love.– Chapter III mainly analyzes the Steppenwolf, one of Hesse’s masterpieces, which is the emphasis and difficulty of the paper. This article is composed with Jung’s prototype theory, trying to discusses the division and conflict of male and salvation significance of women Anima from the view of a prototype perspective in the novel, which, on this basis, to reveal that the intrinsic quality of Hesse’s humor philosophy in this period is a kind of Philosophy of suffering and transcendence.– Chapter IV focuses on the redemptive theme of women salvation in the Narcissus and Goldmund. First, this article analyzes the expansion of salvation of Goldmund, who is the hero of the novel, by using Nietzsche’s Moral Philosophy of becoming your true self. In this process, the women play the role of art and sex goddess and achieve the great picture of life in the shaping of the writer. Thus, the third quarter focuses on the philosophy of death embodied in the novel, which is about the relationship of life and death, death and love. By singing for the emotional love and death, Hesse, who lives in the era’s atmosphere of technology and rationality, performs the inner exploration of individual salvation in an aesthetic world. [Author’s translation]show moreshow less

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