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A review of personality theories, Springfield (Charles C. Thomas, Publisher) 1987, 166 p.; esp. pp. 57-66. 2nd edition 1995.

  • To provide a better understanding of the diverse interpretations of human behavior and the dynamic forces within personality, this work explores the major theories of personality. It covers the theories of Freud, Jung, and Adler; of Pavlov, Hull, Skinner, Dollard and Miller, and Cattell; of Horney, Sullivan, FROMM, and Erickson; of Lewin and Allport, of Husserl, Combs and Snygg, Rogers, Maslow, Goldstein, and Frankl. Each chapter contains a study guide to review the salient points of the personality theory discussed and suggestions to apply these concepts to professional counseling practice. Lending a degree of concreteness to the abstract ideas are explanatory drawings used throughout the text--a feature particularly benefiting visually-oriented readers. – Index: Preface – A dynamic view of personality theories – Psychoanalytic theory: Sigmund Freud – Analytic theory: Carl Gustav Jung – Individual psychology: Alfred Adler – Interpersonal theories: Karen Horney, Harry Stack Sullivan – Psychosocial theories: Erich FROMM, Erik Erikson – Learning theory of Dollard and Miller – Trait and factor theory: Raymond B. Cattell – Field theory: Kurt Lewin – Systematic eclecticism: Gordon W. Allport – Phenomenology and existentialism – Self-theory: Carl R. Rogers – Holistic theory: Kurt Goldstein, Abraham H. Maslow – Logotherapy: Viktor E. Frankl – Personality theories in perspective. (From the cover)

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Author:Victor J. Drapela
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Year of first Publication:1987
Release Date:2014/01/28
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