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Effect of inertia force on the interface stability of a tangential-velocity discontinuity in porous media

  • The present study investigates the stability of a tangential-velocity discontinuity in porous media during the withdrawing and injecting processes of natural gases from and into an underground gas storage. The focus is placed on analyzing the impact of inertia forces on the interface stability using the Forchheimer equations. Other publications have relied primarily on Darcy's law to describe flow stability in porous media. However, Darcy's law only adequately describes flows in which viscous forces dominate over inertia forces. As the flow rate increases, the significance of inertia forces becomes more pronounced, and Darcy's law becomes insufficient for considering such flows. Our findings indicate that even a slight consideration of the inertia effect leads to permanent destabilization of the discontinuity interface, regardless of the fluid viscosity or the Mach number. In contrast, when the inertia effect is neglected, the interface is stabilized across the entire Mach number range if the fluid viscosity is strong enough.
Author:Thi Thai LeORCiD, Thorsten KochORCiD
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):International Journal of Multiphase Flow
Date of first Publication:2023/09/17
Published in:International Journal of Multiphase Flow
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