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Higher-order time integration using spectral deferred correction method (SDC) in a cell by cell discretization of cardiac excitation

  • This C++ code implements a cell-by-cell model of cardiac excitation using a piecewise-continuous finite element discretization and spectral deferred correction time stepping. The code is based on the Kaskade 7 finite element toolbox and forms a prototype for the µCarp code to be implemented in the Microcard project.
Author:Martin WeiserORCiD, Fatemeh Chegini
Document Type:Software
Publishing Institution:Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB)
Date of first Publication:2022/08/24
Download Url:https://radar.kit.edu/radar/en/dataset/TxuOjRFnpUVOMgyM
Filesize:103 KB
Type of software:C++
Software Licence:http://ZIB Academic License
Funding institution:BMBF / EU JU EuroHPC
Grant ID:955495
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