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Accurate reduced models for the pH oscillations in the urea-urease reaction confined to giant lipid vesicles

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  • Our theoretical study concerns an urea-urease-based pH oscillator confined to giant lipid vesicles. Under suitable conditions, differential transport of urea and hydrogen ion across the unilamellar vesicle membrane periodically resets the pH clock that switches the system from acid to basic, resulting in self-sustained oscillations. We analyse the structure of the limit cycle, which controls the dynamics for giant vesicles and dominates the strongly stochastic oscillations in small vesicles of submicrometer size. To this end, we derive reduced models, amenable to analytic treatments, and show that the accuracy of predictions, including the period of oscillations, is highly sensitive to the choice of the reduction scheme. In particular, we suggest an accurate two-variable model and show its equivalence to a three-variable model that admits an interpretation in terms of a chemical reaction network. The accurate description of a single pH oscillator appears crucial for rationalizing experiments and understanding communication of vesicles and synchronization of rhythms.

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Author:Arthur StraubeORCiD, Stefanie WinkelmannORCiD, Felix HöflingORCiD
Document Type:ZIB-Report
Date of first Publication:2022/11/12
Series (Serial Number):ZIB-Report (22-21)
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