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On the Complexity of Computing Maximum and Minimum Min‐Cost‐Flows

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  • Consider a flow network, i.e., a directed graph where each arc has a nonnegative capacity value and an associated length, together with nonempty supply intervals for the sources and nonempty demand intervals for the sinks. The Maximum Min-Cost-Flow Problem (MaxMCF) is to find fixed supply and demand values within these intervals such that the optimal objective value of the induced Min-Cost-Flow Problem (MCF) is maximized. In this paper, we show that MaxMCF as well as its uncapacitated variant, the Maximum Transportation Problem (MaxTP), are NP-hard. Further, we prove that MaxMCF is APX-hard if a connectedness-condition regarding the sources and the sinks of the flow network is dropped. Finally, we show how the Minimum Min-Cost-Flow Problem (MinMCF) can be solved in polynomial time.
Author:Kai Hoppmann-BaumORCiD
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):Networks
Date of first Publication:2021/05/25
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