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Solving Integrated Timetabling and Passenger Routing Problems Using the Modulo Network Simplex Algorithm

  • Common models and solving approaches for the problem of periodic timetabling, that is, determining periodic arrival and departure times of a given public transportation network’s lines so that the total weighted travel time of all passengers is minimized, fail to take passenger behavior into account. Current research is attempting to resolve this issue and first results show a positive impact on solution quality. This thesis aims to give a brief overview of literature on the topic of timetabling and to then state a heuristic approach to Integrated Timetabling by blending passenger behavior into the Modulo Network Simplex algorithm, which is part of the research carried out by the author’s study group at the Zuse Institut Berlin in the framework of MATHEON’s research project MI-3 supported by the Einstein Foundation Berlin.
Author:Fabian Löbel
Document Type:Bachelor's Thesis
Granting Institution:Freie Universität Berlin
Advisor:Ralf Borndörfer, Heide Hoppmann, Marika Karbstein
Date of final exam:2017/07/17
Year of first publication:2017
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