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An Efficient Parallel-in-Time Method for Optimization with Parabolic PDEs

  • To solve optimization problems with parabolic PDE constraints, often methods working on the reduced objective functional are used. They are computationally expensive due to the necessity of solving both the state equation and a backward-in-time adjoint equation to evaluate the reduced gradient in each iteration of the optimization method. In this study, we investigate the use of the parallel-in-time method PFASST in the setting of PDE-constrained optimization. In order to develop an efficient fully time-parallel algorithm, we discuss different options for applying PFASST to adjoint gradient computation, including the possibility of doing PFASST iterations on both the state and the adjoint equations simultaneously. We also explore the additional gains in efficiency from reusing information from previous optimization iterations when solving each equation. Numerical results for both a linear and a nonlinear reaction-diffusion optimal control problem demonstrate the parallel speedup and efficiency of different approaches.
Author:Sebastian GötschelORCiD, Michael L. Minion
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):SIAM J. Sci. Comput.
First Page:C603
Last Page:C626
Year of first publication:2019
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