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Spectral Deferred Correction methods for adaptive electro-mechanical coupling in cardiac simulation

  • We investigate spectral deferred correction (SDC) methods for time stepping and their interplay with spatio-temporal adaptivity, applied to the solution of the cardiac electro-mechanical coupling model. This model consists of the Monodomain equations, a reaction-diffusion system modeling the cardiac bioelectrical activity, coupled with a quasi-static mechanical model describing the contraction and relaxation of the cardiac muscle. The numerical approximation of the cardiac electro-mechanical coupling is a challenging multiphysics problem, because it exhibits very different spatial and temporal scales. Therefore, spatio-temporal adaptivity is a promising approach to reduce the computational complexity. SDC methods are simple iterative methods for solving collocation systems. We exploit their flexibility for combining them in various ways with spatio-temporal adaptivity. The accuracy and computational complexity of the resulting methods are studied on some numerical examples.
Author:Martin WeiserORCiD, Simone Scacchi
Document Type:In Proceedings
Parent Title (English):G. Russo et al.(eds.) Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2014
First Page:321
Last Page:328
Year of first publication:2017
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