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The Two-Component Camassa-Holm Equations CH(2,1) and CH(2,2): First-Order Integrating Factors and Conservation Laws

  • Recently, Holm and Ivanov, proposed and studied a class of multi-component generalizations of the Camassa–Holm equations [D. D. Holm and R. I. Ivanov, Multi-component generalizations of the CH equation: geometrical aspects, peakons and numerical examples, J. Phys A: Math. Theor. 43 (2010) 492001 (20pp)]. We consider two of those systems, denoted by Holm and Ivanov by CH(2,1) and CH(2,2), and report a class of integrating factors and its corresponding conservation laws for these two systems. In particular, we obtain the complete set of first-order integrating factors for the systems in Cauchy–Kovalevskaya form and evaluate the corresponding sets of conservation laws for CH(2,1) and CH(2,2).

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Author:Marianna Euler, Norbert Euler, Thomas Wolf
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics
First Page:13
Last Page:22
Year of first publication:2013
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