Document types on the publication server of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor Thesis
The document type Bachelor Thesis refers to the final examination for a professionally qualifying first degree at a university (usually completed after a minimum of three years of study).

The document type Book is reserved for classic monographic works.

Conference Proceeding
The document type Conference Proceeding refers to all documents directly associated with a conference, including conference reports and papers, conference lectures, proceedings as well as miscellaneous contributions such as abstracts or posters.

Course Material
The document type Course Material includes all resources (e.g. image, sound or text documents) that are used for teaching. This document type can also be used for so-called Open Educational Resources (OER).

Doctoral Thesis
The document type doctoral thesis (also known as dissertation or inaugural dissertation) can be used for academic work leading to a doctoral degree. This document type can also be used for habilitations.

The document type Image refers to visual content not restricted by text. Examples include still images and photographs of objects, paintings, prints, illustrations, other pictures and graphics, diagrams, maps or sheet music. This document type applies to both digital and physical objects.

Master Thesis
The document type Master Thesis refers to a final examination for a mid-level postgraduate degree between a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate.

Moving Images
The document type Moving Images includes all visual depictions which give the impression of movement when displayed in rapid succession. Examples include animation, films, television programmes, videos or visual depictions of simulations.

Part of Periodical
The document type Part of Periodical includes a part (volume, issue) of a journal or periodical.

Part of a Book
The document type Part of a Booky represents documents produced within the larger context of a monographic work, for example individual chapters or contributions in collections.

The document type Preprint refers to preliminary scientific or technical papers not intended for dissemination in the publication series of an institution, but rather in a scientific journal or as part of a book.

The document type Report includes texts and other materials that do not fall into the other categories. This includes, for example, external research reports, internal reports, messages, statistical reports, project completion reports, technical documentation and instructions.

Research data
The document type research data generally relates to documents that are created, developed or evaluated within research activities. Examples are measurement or laboratory data, survey data or source code.

The document type Review refers to reviews and critiques of books or articles, as well as to summaries not written by the original author.

Scientific Article
The document type Scientific Article refers to documents published in an academic journal or periodical as articles, leading articles, editorial content, indexes or tables of contents (postprints).

The document type Sound refers to any sound-based content that was created in order to be heard by others. This includes, for example, music files, audio CDs and language or sound recordings. This category does not differentiate between tones, noise or music.

Study Thesis
The document type Study Thesis refers to textual elaborations that are prepared as part of a course of study (term papers, seminar reports, investigation and project reports) and are not categorized as thesis.

Working Paper
The document type Working paper is a preliminary scientific or technical paper that is published in a series of the institution where the research is done.