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Document type

Please select a document type from the dropdown list. For an explanation of document types, please see the FAQs.

Upload document(s)

Upload your fulltext documents here. You get more upload-fields by pressing the PLUS-sign.
Please also note the following information:

  • the supported document formats are PDF and ZIP
  • files up to one gigabyte can be uploaded
  • file names can have a maximum length of 50 characters
    • umlauts, punctuation or other special characters should not be used
    • the following syntax is recommended: surname_keyword.pdf
    • the name displayed in the frontend may differ from the actual file name and is usually standardised by us
  • published documents can not be changed
  • deleting (unpublishing) the document should only be done in exceptional cases

If you have further questions or issues with the upload, please contact the Publication Service of the University Library ( +49 2821 80673 9604.

Signed consent form for digitally publication of a document

Please submit a completed and signed consent form to the University Library if you wish to publish your document. If a thesis paper is to be published, please note that the thesis examiner must also sign the consent form. After you have completed and signed the consent form, please return it to:
University Library, Publication Service, Marie-Curie-Str. 1, 47533 Kleve
Your document will be uploaded to the publication server once the consent form has been submitted.